Ray Lee, P.L. Eng, Director

Mr. Lee has thirty years of experience of oil and gas experience, most recently as President & CEO of a private junior energy and petroleum Company. Mr. Lee has held senior positions in exploitation, production and operations engineering for natural gas and both conventional and heavy oil with a number of major and junior oil and gas companies. These companies include Compton Petroleum, Northstar Energy, Devon Energy Corp., Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Ltd, Dome Petroleum Ltd. and Hudson’s Bay Oil & Gas Company Ltd. Mr. Lee is also a Professional Licensed Engineer with APEGGA.


David Forrest – Petrocapita LP – Operator of Landrose, Saskatchewan Heavy Oil Project

Mr. Forrest is skilled in oilfield construction and maintenance. He has a 4th class power engineering ticket and has previously worked for Baytex Energy Corp. for over 5 years operating heavy oil wells and batteries. Mr. Forrest was also the lead operator and field manager for BK Resources Ltd. which over a 4-year period was able to attain over 700 bbls per day. Mr. Forrest also started Brahma Resources Ltd, a private oil and gas company situated in Lloydminster, Alberta.


John Yu – Petrotech Engineering Ltd.

The Company performs independent engineering and economic evaluation of domestic and international, onshore and offshore oil and gas properties and related production and processing facilities including geological and reservoir studies, drilling including horizontal wells, completion, production, stimulation prognosis of oil and gas wells, wellhead and waterflood injection facilities, gas processing plants, compressor and pump stations, and pipeline systems. Some of the evaluations are being used by junior public companies for filing of statement of material facts and prospectuses to the Provincial Securities Commissions, Stock Exchanges, the United States Securities Commission, and banking institutions. The international work experience included countries in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Cameroon and Morocco.